Time Management/Scheduler Apps

iOS Devices


The Choiceworks app is an essential learning tool for helping children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting).

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Time Timer

What happens when you can see time? Stress-free productivity. Turn your smartphone or smartwatch into a fun and easy visual timer. 
The Timer Timer app features an iconic red disk that disappears as the seconds go by. Perfect for school, work, home or gym. It makes time make sense. 

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First Then Visual Schedule

The visual supports you can create and use with First Then Visual Schedule (FTVS) HD have proven to be especially beneficial for the following populations:

People with developmental disabilities like Autism and Down Syndrome

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Visual Schedule Planner

Visual Schedule Planner is a completely customizable visual schedule iPad app that is designed to give an individual an audio/visual representation of the “events in their day".

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iPrompts®, the original app for visual support, is used by special educators, therapists and parents of those benefiting from visual structure, including individuals with Autism.

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Everyone loves to tell fun, engaging, and imaginative stories. Go ahead and make a social story or visual schedule for a person with autism or a slide show of holiday pictures for your friends

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Android Devices

Visual Schedule and Social

Visual Schedules And Social Stories is a visual support app focusing on using social stories and visual schedules to improve socially appropriate behaviors in children with autism. 

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Doing more things with your time. Increasing your productivity. Improving your daily routine.

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Visual Schedule

The Visual Schedule app is aimed at helping parents and special education professionals working with children with special needs, Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as people with learning disabilities, behavior difficulties

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